First Aid Training For Parents

If your child needed life-saving first aid treatment, would you know what to do? At First Aid Ed, we provide CPR and first aid instruction to parents, teachers, school bus drivers, childcare providers, and many others who regularly interact with children and infants.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: their child is injured in or around the home. Choking, bleeding, burns, sprains, seizures, head injuries, swallowing harmful substances, drowning, fever, severe allergic reactions – if your child was threatened by one of these issues, how would you respond?

Studies show that the majority of life-threatening accidents occur in the home. Even children of the most cautious and responsible parents may be at risk for accident or injury. According to the organization Safe Kids Worldwide, an average of over 900 children die each year due to unintentional suffocation, while an additional 16,000+ children under 14 years old experience nonfatal suffocation or inhalation injuries each year. Among children ages 14 and under treated in emergency departments for nonfatal choking incidents, almost 60 percent were food-related, 31 percent involved nonfood items and 9 percent were unknown. Overall, 13 percent of cases involved swallowing coins and 19 percent involved candy or gum. Children ages 4 and under, especially under age 1, are at greatest risk for all forms of airway obstruction injury –  unintentional suffocation is the leading cause of injury-related death among children under 1 year of age. In addition to suffocation and choking injuries, children are also injured by other types of injuries, accidents, and injuries, and those statistics are sobering as well.

These statistics are frightening, but with proper first aid training, parents and childcare providers can help prevent death and serious injury to children and infants. When parents have the knowledge and skills we provide in our classes at First Aid Ed, their children are safer. Contact us today to find out about the classes we offer – with our expert training, you can protect your family the way they deserve.