Wilderness First Aid Training

With summer camping season upon us, knowing first aid for wilderness situations is incredibly important. One of the courses we provide at First Aid Ed covers wilderness survival training – we want to ensure that you, your family, or your group will know how to handle an emergency in the wilderness.

Wilderness environments create special situations not usually encountered in an urban or suburban environment. When a person becomes injured or ill in the wilderness, the time and distance to traditional emergency medical services may be hours or even days.

Some of the illnesses or injuries that may be encountered in the wilderness include heat problems (issues such as sunburns or other burns, and sunstroke or heatstroke), hypothermia, bone and joint injuries, wounds and infection, altitude illnesses, drowning or near-drowning incidents, or allergies and anaphylaxis.

First aid providers in a wilderness setting will be faced with limited resources, they will have to care for a patient for a much longer time period, and they must make decisions about when and how fast to evacuate a patient. If you encounter an emergency situation in the wilderness, will you know how to respond?

The goal of First Aid Ed’s wilderness training program is to provide learners a valuable and enjoyable hands-on training in wilderness first aid. The fundamental objective is to teach a simple, practical approach that helps students develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to respond to and care for an injured or ill person in a wilderness environment for an extended period of time.

Our wilderness training program meets the standards for Boy Scout training, but it’s not only scouts who can benefit from our course. Any person or group who is planning to spend time camping or hiking this summer should enroll in the training course we offer at First Aid Ed – your knowledge of wilderness first aid could save lives!