Oxygen First Aid for Emergencies Supplement (30 min)

MEDIC First Aid Oxygen First Aid for Emergencies Supplement is deisgned to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency oxygen to a suddenly ill or injured patient until more advanced medical help arrives.

For non-breathing patients, the use of emergency oxygen can help improve oxygenation by maximizing the amount of oxygen carried in the bloodstream during resuscitation.

Illness or injury reduces the body’s ability to process oxygen. When that happens, shock will soon occur unless the effects of the decreased oxygen can be reversed. For patients who are breathing, supplying emergency oxygen helps meet the patient’s vital need for oxygen. Providing supplemental oxygen early in the emergency can make a critical difference.

Course Topics

  • Benefits and indications for Emergency Oxygen
  • Integrating the use of Emergency Oxygen
  • Emergency Oxygen Delivery Systems
  • Oxygen Delivery for Breathing Patients
  • Oxygen Delivery for Non-Breathing Patients
  • Safety Considerations for Emergency Oxygen Use

Evaluation method

Students are evaluated through instructor observation of the reasonable performance of skills. Performance and written evaluations are available and option for use.

Recognized Completion Period:                   2 Year Certification

Training Type:                        Traditional (add on class)